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And so weaponry has grown for s of years. To 60 times PDC planet death capability. And still we are not anxious to understand less simplistically. Still we are gung-ho for the old way, the simple freedom race of every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost. But the devil takes all, even before annihilation.

Plenty and peace. Abundance of order and democracy. And look around at what we have made, with our simple minds. Devastation, chaos, dis-information, confusion, anarchy, terrors, horrors, waste, destruction. Rulers have been falling from the heights for s of years. The overpaid, over-powerful are few, and everyone has been climbing for s of years.

That ought to tell people that as many have fallen as risen. And we still have one-idea libertarians, able to ignore the legal thefts. And they are still in a majority, drowning out objective, dispassionate discussion. The libertarians are doers, energetic people who just want to get doing. But even the thinkers are not yet aware of the legal thefts that cause all the mayhem.

Many of them have been bought. It is only with a gigantic, heroic, unprecedented, fiercely honest mental endeavour by many individuals that humanity will rescue itself.

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Or perhaps a cosmic wave of intelligence is about to break on this planet, and reality will become clear to all. Google peaceandplentyplan. We have severe mental handicaps. Read for your life and greater happiness, and be slow to judge.

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It takes time to wear a new mental path. Re-reading is not weakness, but strength. We come closest to truth by hearing all opinions. Posted by: shane July 3, PM. So, YOUR definition of what a "reasonable" or "unreasonable" amount of private property is the correct one?

What does ownership of property have to do with decision-making power? Last I checked, Bill Gates and any other private citizen had no power over me, despite being a multi-billionaire. You erroneously believe that welfare can only be provided by using a govt gun to shake your fellow citizens down. National Socialism? Shane, good libertarian name. Saw the movie. If you want direct consultation email beretco. I had a teacher in grad school named Maryann who was a champion of individualism and ego driven ethics. She was quite a loner. She explained that she observed that a minority of women with a like personality to hers often embraced Libertarianism while most women were naturally socialists or communists.

She said the male personality spectrum in our society is a mirror image. Most men have great anxiety over commitment to community or other people. They like Maryann don't want to get tied down and negate their "possibilities. Anyway, said Maryann, most young men find their emotional release in financial pursuits and their emotional investment lies there with their colleagues and mentors.

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In bygone days this produced a business environment very much like classical Greek social structure. Man-boy coupling for career building Now times had changed as more women had entered business and muddied the waters. Still you could see how homosexual combinations could make for great success in real estate and other fields.

It is inevitable though, she said, that business and politics must change drastically to accommodate the natural nurturing and cooperative mindsets of most women now that they are legally equal. It was a good thing this happened she said because loners like her really couldn't contribute much to community this from one of the top medical ethicists in academia.

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She said she pitied all the uncommitted divorced and single men because the previous camaraderie and constructive collusion were now being negated by social upheaval and that there was little left beyond extreme political posturing, sports especially golf fanaticism, outdoorsmanship and pornographic eroticism. She was not into gaming and internet role-playing embellishments. Maryann saw the finite nature of both the natural world and human over- reproduction. She allowed no space fantasy escapes or instant fusion power scenarios.

So practical, she died with no property all used up for fun and gifting and only a burial policy. The idea about negating one's life chances by involvement with family, organizational and community commitments is an illusion. These things constitute human life. With prospects as dismal as they are presently for the majority of loners, success can be had only by predation.

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If the market worked a little in times of high prosperity it was because of plenty. Things really did trickle down then.

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One could recycle and invent out of the dump, and secondhand shops had some really interesting stuff cheap. But now the predators at the top are looting our dying empire. The only rational response is to organize in groups advocating equality and basic material rights.

We have to curtail both the religious and business endtimers. Regardless of personality inclinations community work What Barack Obama pretends to do.

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All big organization state level is coercive and often ruthless and corrupt because face to face interaction and acquaintance with the grounded circumstances is remote. I keep hearing little libertarians complain, "Keep your hands off my property!

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I mean besides what you might inherit or the dream property you expect to accumulate if everything goes perfect or you win the lottery? Prospects are not property and the majority of Americans despite the retirement ads have very little net worth. All they have is a stake in a fixed game where they are extremely unlikely to win. That game and the Constitution makes large blocks of property and wealth sacred and tends to give all the power to those with advantage so they only accumulate more of what they can't really use or enjoy in a constructive way, while others work their damnedest and can't even get a dwelling or a paid off vehicle.

This disparity makes for an inefficient system of production and distribution while making representative government a sham. I can agree that a reasonable level of property remain sacred because we all share basic needs, but I can't see why some should be allowed to possess unreasonable amounts and all the decision-making power. A polarized system like we have even affects sanity and distorts personality development.