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MATE Desktop 1. Install Mate Desktop 1. It provides an efficient yet breathtaking window manager based on the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries EFL along with other essential desktop components like a file manager, desktop icons and widgets. PhotoFlow 0. The individual layers can be activated and de-activated using the radio buttons on the right of the image. Moreover, the layers structure can be saved to disk and re-opened again via the command line.

Photoflow 0. Openfire 4. Openfire is incredibly easy to setup and administer, but offers rock-solid security and performance. Redisson 2. Git For windows 2. Greg Kroah-Hartman has announced the release of Linux Kernel 4. ClearOS 6.

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It is designed for homes, small to medium businesses, and distributed environments. It delivers a powerful IT solution with an elegant user interface that is completely web-based. Simply put.. ClearOS is the new way of delivering IT. Smarty 3. This implies that PHP code is application logic, and is separated from the presentation. This is still based on the stable 2.

Budgie Desktop is a lightweight GTK3 desktop session and its the default desktop environment for Evolve OS, a new desktop Linux distribution released early this year Budgie Next Desktop Work has progressed well on the rewrite of Budgie. This release is part of a series of planned monthly releases making improvements available to developers in a quick and predictable manner.

Instead of a huge list of changes it now only has several which gives a better overview. The advantage of that is possible regressions get picked up way faster and that you as user also get the benefit of not having to wait a long time to get these fixes.

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The developers of the Manjaro Linux operating system recently announced the general availability of Manjaro In fact, a couple more releases are planned after the launch of 5. The launch of the next major version, 5. IntelliJ IDEA brings better user interface, more built-in tools and integrations, further improved coding assistance, and out-of-the-box support for Kotlin. Also, Sony only mentions the PlayStation 4 among the systems the application is compatible with. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile for Android 1.

Destiny 2. Create and customise your character, and build your own legend with each deadly enemy you defeat in a variety of gameplay modes, a unique multiplayer experience, and new social features. Opera 34 for computers makes life even easier because it has the next generation of Opera Turbo compression. Adobe has announced the release of Adobe Flash Player These updates address critical vulnerabilities that could potentially allow an attacker to take control of the affected system. Users who have enabled auto-update for the Flash Player desktop runtime will be receiving version This version includes a fix for CVE Adobe expects to have an update available for manual download during the week of January 26, and we are working with our distribution partners to make the update available in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and The all-time favorite Age of Empires real-time strategy series with over 20 million copies sold worldwide can now be played on your smartphone.

Dominate the world in this next generation mobile Real Time Strategy game. Engage in real-time battles with legendary heroes Choose from the many Civilizations of the world and relive epic battles from history Recreate history by creating and evolving your very own Empire!

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This latest release comes with a hots of updates, bug fixes and features. With Plasma 5. GalliumOS includes optimizations that eliminate system stalls and improve overall responsiveness. A notable update to this release is the introduction of the option of setting the minimum font size and a default character encoding.

Android 6. This latest update from Google comes with new features and improvements which includes new emoji to fill out the Unicode 8. Emil Velikov has announced the release of Mesa Mesa is an open-source implementation of the OpenGL specification. OpenGL is a programming library for writing interactive 3D applications.

Mesa This latest update bring a few new features and improvements. The new feature upgrades the already existent Advanced Calling, a VoLTE service with video calling support on select phones. Advanced Calling 2. This version is the second public release of the new main digiKam version and is a result of the long development process by the team. Porting to Qt5 required a lot of work, as many important APIs had to be changed or replaced by new ones.

FM Radio seems to have been forgotten as a feature on modern smartphones, but it was all the rage a decade ago. Now, developers are looking at enabling that function of Ubuntu phones that support it. I still remember by Motorola v and that I used to listen to the radio all the time. Apple has just released iOS 9. Mail Drop is a feature that was previously limited to the Mac version of the Mail app. Open Broadcaster Studio 0. Open Broadcaster Software is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. A select group of celebrities and high profile users have been able to use the service for several months.

Live streaming via mobile phones has become one of the big technology trends of the year, with Twitter-owned Periscope and Meerkat proving popular. LightZone 4. It includes RAW processing and editing. Rather than using layers in the way that other photo editors do, LightZone lets the user build up a stack of tools which can be rearranged, readjusted, turned off and on, and removed from the stack.

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Changelog since Telegram Desktop 0. In the latest Chrome release, sites can now add custom buttons to notifications, enabling users to complete tasks entirely within the notification. Developers can now use NetworkInformation. FreeFileSync 7. LiVES 2. It will let you start editing and making video right away, without having to worry about formats, frame sizes, or framerates.

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ClamTk 5. Over the past two years, Mozilla had built and scaled a content platform that respects users.

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Tens of billions of pieces of content were served to users. Experiments conducted with all content — including advertising. Its been proved that advertising can be done well while respecting users. In this years Embedded Linux Conference Europe, one interesting presentation was how-to boot Linux in just one second.

Jan Altenberg of Linutronix presented how to achieve this feat of booting Linux in under one second. Its scalability, the real-time capabilities and the excellent energy saving functions are outstanding. But there are still a couple of use cases where the usual power saving functions are not good enough: Automotive components usually need to be switched of for standby, because even the lowest power states of an embedded device are still consuming to much energy. As an open source language, the broad community of talented developers — from app developers to educational institutions to enterprises — can contribute to new Swift features and optimizations and help bring Swift to new computing platforms. This build fixes a number of bugs found in Preview 1. ClamAV 0. See signatures. Based on the responses in the GeForce forums, it does look like the Skype 7. This release is more focused on your sharing experience with an introduction of a new media toolbar which allows you to qickly share photos, files etc. The phone comes with a 5. Arduino IDE 1.

The environment is written in Java and based on Processing and other open-source software. This software can be used with any Arduino board. Shotcut TeamViewer 11 final recently released, focuses on effective usability through new features that address the need for mobile working functionality. This includes unrivaled performance and efficiency gains that make TeamViewer 11 up to 15 times faster, while considerably cutting back on data usage rates by up to 30 percent.