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You should have no problem in person.

Sometimes they limit you to requesting 3 properties at a time which can be a pain if you have a big list. While you are there you can also ask why their online system isn't working. As for free vs. I had the very same question!! I'm glad I found this post.

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Time to streamline this process!! Thanks BP! Christopher Deitz I'm curious what you ended up using to get data on San Diego properties! I am moving to the area next year and will begin wholesaling once I am there. Any tips you can share? Crazy that San Diego is so behind other places like Houston.

In Houston you can go to hcad, type in the address and find the owner or type in the owner and find what they own.

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You can also view value history, ownership history, click on an owner and see their other properties, etc. It's great. I use it daily. It's free. I just assumed that was a normal feature that every city had. Cody L. There is an unfortunate move towards making public records less publicly accessible in the name of privacy protection. All my properties are owned by various LLCs and there are a few levels between them and me. Public records is why the US doesn't have the level of corruption countries like Mexico and so many others do. As you noted, LLC 's don't provide any real privacy - there is no security through obscurity.

That said, I'm with you and hold things similarly, to at least make them work a little.

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If we always know who is trying to reach us, then we can simply choose to let them or not, or use services to filter on our behalf. And no law or regulation will ever change that. Problem is that in order for them to be useful we have to share them. And the idea that everyone we share them with will be able to protect them is unachievable nonsense. For example "Do not call" rules would be a lot more effective if phone companies were required to disclose the real person or real company behind every number.

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That would pretty much put an immediate end to the problem, because every person making a call would think seriously about whether the recipient would want to hear from them or not. Alternatively, you can get it from the MLS - but of course, you need to be paying realtor dues to get access to this.

Filing Period to Open for Property Tax Assessment Appeals (2019)

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San Diego Property Tax

Analyst Andrew LePage of the real estate metrics service DataQuick said there was no question La Jolla home prices had dropped since , but that beachfront property usually holds its value better than other properties. On Feb. The county is legally required to reassess a property automatically once it has been reduced. Had the Romneys never applied for a reassessment, they may have received one anyway because San Diego County has taken what it calls a proactive approach to assessments after the real estate downturn. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms.

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