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He and Paula now live just outside of Oneonta, N.

Their house sits on 15 acres, up a hill at the end of a rocky drive. Saunders writes in a shed across the driveway from his house, where we sat for a couple hours one morning while his two yellow labs nosed around outside the door.

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On the shelves there are pictures of him and Paula and the girls and a great one from his jazz-fusion days of him playing a Fender Telecaster, with white-blond Johnny Winter hair to his shoulders. We talked for a while about his relationship to Wallace. How do we make it? How do we get there? Is there something yet to be discovered? His dad owned a pizza restaurant in Amarillo, Tex.

While Saunders was in college, studying geophysical engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, the restaurant burned down. Because of a quirk in the insurance coverage, his family lost the restaurant. Soon afterward the family moved from Amarillo to New Mexico, where his father set up a support facility engaged with CO2-recovery stations for oil rigs. After he graduated from the School of Mines, Saunders went to work for an oil-exploration company in the jungles of Sumatra.

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And then I realized the shadows were old women, working the night shift. Whenever he was on leave, he would stock up on weeks worth of books to read. Eventually he got sick from swimming in a river infested with monkey feces and came home. It was modern, and I wanted to be in I wanted to be Hemingway. Sometimes I did Babel, if Babel lived in Texas.

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He met Paula, who was also in the writing program, shortly after he arrived in Syracuse. They were engaged after three weeks and Paula became pregnant seven months later, on their honeymoon. Their second daughter, Alena, was born a year later. With both daughters, Paula went into labor at five months and had to go on complete bed rest. So I took the Radian job, and it was a very liberating thing. If I can provide for them, then in my writing time I can be as wild as I want. And yes, you do have to ride the bus home.

Suddenly the universe was laden with moral import, and I could intensely feel the limits of my own power. You could see the way that wealth was begetting wealth, wealth was begetting comfort — and that the cumulative effect of an absence of wealth was the erosion of grace.

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The lesson he learned was the thing he sensed all those years ago in Sumatra, reading but not fully grasping Vonnegut. The black box is meant to change us. If the change will be greater via the use of invented, absurd material, so be it.

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Thought: Why sad? If sad, will make everyone sad. Have to do better! Be kinder. Start now. Soon they will be grown and how sad, if only memory of you is testy stressed guy in bad car. And there was a sense that there was an alleviated shame. These sorts of thematic challenges are, for me, anyway, only answerable via the line-by-line progress through the story. Trying to figure out what happens next, and in what language. So, in this case, I just started out by trying to get the guy to that window, in his underwear, having that same feeling. The pharmaceutical names are pure Saunders: Verbaluce, for eloquence of thought and speech; Vivistif, for what you would imagine; and Darkenfloxx.

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That does not even come close to how bad you feel on Darkenfloxx. The story is concerned with the question of suicide and the struggle to get free of your own mind. And I also have a mawkish, natural enthusiasm for things. Martin has been repeatedly asked the morbid question of what would happen if he were to die before finishing his A Song of Ice and Fire series. Since , when the first entry, A Game of Thrones , was published, Martin has written five novels as well as several spin-off stories.

The question for book fans now is whether Martin will eventually unveil his own version. Martin remains as resolute as ever: His ending is coming.

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In a post published on his blog Monday , he assured readers that work continues on The Winds of Winter , though he knows better than to set a deadline. Whatever broad strokes he gave them translated into a final season in which one crucial character, Daenerys Targaryen, wreaked fiery chaos on the continent of Westeros; her lover and ally, Jon Snow, killed her in the aftermath; and, in a twist, the psychic seer Bran Stark became the new king.

Tyrion Lannister, who spent the last three TV seasons wrestling with his allegiance to Daenerys, has yet to meet her in the novels. In one way, this divergence speaks to a golden opportunity for Martin: Even if he trusted Benioff and Weiss with the broad strokes of his narrative arc, he can now gauge the public reaction to his biggest developments and adjust accordingly, producing a finale that still manages to surprise. Martin initially planned his series as three books, before expanding his scope to six.

Then his proposed fourth entry became so long that he split it into two, the first part published in and the second in