How to find out ip address of router

This will open your command window where you'll type " ipconfig " and hit enter.


This will display your router IP address underlined in red in the image below which you can use to access your router gateway. There are two methods to how you can access your router IP address when using Mac. You will find both of them explained below:. Then select the " System Preferences Now select your Network name from the drop-down menu.

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In this case, the Network name is " Secure ". Once selected, click " Advanced ":. A packet addressed outside of this range, for this example, addressed to Instead it must be sent to the default gateway for further routing to their ultimate destination.

In this example, the default gateway uses the IP address The destination IP address remains In another example, a network with three routers and three hosts is connected to the Internet through Router1. The hosts' addresses are:.

Default gateway

Network mask in all networks: If the routers do not use a routing protocol to discover which network each router is connected to, then the routing table of each router must be set up. Router2 manages its attached networks and default gateway; router 3 does the same; router 1 manages all routes within the internal networks. Accessing internal resources — If PC2 Router2 also has no route to PC3, and it will forward the packets to its default gateway router1.


Router1 has a route for this network The IP-address could be In this example, none of the internal routers know the route to that host, so they will forward the packet through router1's gateway or default route. Every router on the packet's way to the destination will check whether the packet's destination IP-address matches any known network routes. If a router finds a match, it will forward the packet through that route; if not, it will send the packet to its own default gateway.

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How to Find Your Router’s IP Address on Any Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet

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