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This covers the cost of repairs to other people's cars and property, and to your own vehicle if it's stolen or damaged by fire. The minimum legal requirement, this will only cover any damage you cause to other cars, people and property. The cover you need also depends on what you drive, where, and how. There are also plenty of add-ons to help you find the right deal for you. It usually pays to shop around, because you are likely to save a significant sum of cash by changing insurer every 12 months, when your policy comes up for renewal. Younger and learner drivers tend to pay a lot more for car insurance because they have less experience behind the wheel, and many buy special policies.

You can drive in most of Europe on your UK car insurance, but there are several countries where you might need additional cover. If you use your car for business reasons — including driving on behalf of your employer — you should consider taking out a business car insurance policy. Your insurer monitors how safely you drive via a phone app or a black box installed in your car. Classic cars are usually more valuable — and harder to repair — than modern vehicles.

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However, car insurance is priced on various factors, so premiums will differ considerably depending on your circumstances. For example, young drivers are considered much more risky than older drivers , simply because they have less driving experience. Because of this, young people pay a lot more than more experienced drivers, and the same goes for people with points on their license and criminal records. Car insurance is usually cheaper when you pay annually, because insurers add on a fee for monthly payments.

Some insurers may not offer monthly payments, but because it can be an ever-increasing lump sum each year, many motorists see it as a way of helping spread the payment. Car insurance is categorised on statistical risk, so there are several different factors taken into consideration when you get a quote for cover. This is why everyone pays a different price for their policy. You will find that more experienced drivers will usually get much cheaper insurance premiums.

This is simply due to the cars they drive being statistically more powerful and that they drive more hours than women, amongst other factors. Or if you have expensive equipment as part of your job, it could be stolen from your car, therefore you present an increased risk. We aim to show you car insurance quotes from as many insurance companies as possible, so that you can find the right policy for you. You can find out more about how we work here. MoneySuperMarket can help you find great deals on your car insurance. From single to multi-car deals, satellite-based telematics policies to insurance for classic cars, we search the market to get the best combination of protection and price.

Check out our news and guide pages for more information. Find out why the type of car you choose affects the cost of car insurance. Will you need to pay for learner driver insurance on top of tuition fees? Find out why the most compete level of cover isn't always the most expensive option.

Insuring against high excess costs could save you money if you ever have to claim. If you're buying a new car, it's well worth considering gap insurance. Find out what telematics insurance is and whether it's right for you. Find out more about third party, fire and theft car insurance with out helpful guide. See how much car insurance costs in the UK based on over 6 years of data and millions of customer quotes. How many bad driving habits have you fallen into?

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Take our short test to see if you'd pass again now. Where in the UK are drivers most likely to have a conviction for drink or drug driving? Fuel costs vary significantly from garage to garage, find out how far you should drive for cheaper fuel. Find out the driving professions most likely to disappear in a driverless world, and those that are here to stay.

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It doesn't take long Pop in a few details about yourself, your car and driving history, and any named drivers. Manage your motoring costs Our app will send you helpful reminders when your insurance renewal, MOT and tax are due. Don't auto-renew Over a third of motorists let their policy renew automatically. Increase your excess Insurers are likely to reduce the cost of cover if you're willing to increase your excess. Your details Including your job, your age and your address.

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No-claims discount NCD history Details of your no-claims discount will help lower the price you are quoted. Our expert says "Car insurance can be pricey, especially if you renew with the same firm every year. Running a quote with MoneySuperMarket lets you compare policies from well over car insurance brands, and makes it easy to switch if you find a cheaper deal — without sacrificing your quality of cover. New driver? Third-party, fire and theft This covers the cost of repairs to other people's cars and property, and to your own vehicle if it's stolen or damaged by fire.

Third-party The minimum legal requirement, this will only cover any damage you cause to other cars, people and property. I had State Farm and Above my expectations. The rep was personable I was given several options A great experience I have recommended you to colleagues. Jonathan of Answer Financial was a joy to deal with.

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He was very helpful and knowledgeable about all the plans. I bought insurance almost a year ago and have been satisfied since day one. The representative that assisted me was very helpful in finding the best rate possible.