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From the provider, there may be records of incoming and outgoing communications which can be used in court to prove someone was texting another. If the person who sent or received the texts is willing to help you and offers, they can submit and affidavit or testify as a witness in a deposition or hearing. When specific text conversations at issue your divorce lawyer can send a discovery demand to the other party to produce the text messages.

If they refuse, the court could order them to produce the messages. However, a sender may have gone to great lengths to delete their messages and make their phone or device unavailable. Technology can be a great tool for communicating and finding information. Technology can also be a tool for lies and deceit. People interfering with others and trying to get revenge might find a way to send fake text messages to upset them or get another in trouble.

The manipulation of text message and communication technologies are becoming more common and add additional sets of questions about the authenticity of text messages. Catfishing or being a catfish refers to someone making a social media profile with the name and pictures of someone else. When people create fake identities, they can also send text messages. For example, someone creates a fake account appearing to be someone you know in your community and they saw your spouse having dinner with another. The person who you think you know also has screen shots of text messages they said they sent to another friend, potentially also fake, who confirmed the seeing the spouse at dinner.

The entire reality created in this example is fake, but not to the person who is getting scammed and believes the dinner took place.

The example of people using fake social media and text accounts should put us all on alert that the source of the text messages may not be legitimate. This situation is a perfect example why it can be challenging to authenticate and use text messages as evidence. When you can prove who sent the text messages and can prove you have an authentic copy, text messages are admissible evidence. To be admissible the texts must be accurately authenticated.

This follows the same procedure when offering other types of evidence. When the texts are produced through a subpoena, the produced documents are helpful in proving the authenticity of the texts.

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Authenticating the source of text messages is challenging. There are cases of people using technology to pretend they are someone else and send threatening messages to themselves and saying another person sent those texts.

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Objections to text messages include the hearsay rule against out of court statements offered in court to prove the truth of the statement. Other objections are for relevance, prejudice and the best evidence rule. How the text message was obtained can also affect admissibility in court. Accessing their texts without permission does not work and there are penalties for attempting to use illegally obtained evidence. Damaging statements or threats of another sent by text can be important when proving the allegations in a Protective Order hearing.

In other instances, such as proving adultery, the proof of communications someone denies can help your case. What about litigating contested custody issues and making allegations about who is the better parent? Beware that using text messages in certain conflict situations can cause more harm than good. Click here for print friendly PDF format.

Distrustful spouses have always spied on each other. In the modern era, however, it is no longer necessary to hire a private eye for to spouse to track his or her better half. In Massachusetts, spying on spouses — or anyone else, for that matter — is typically illegal. However, the laws in Massachusetts that deal with eavesdropping and other forms of digital spying are often ineffective or poorly enforced.

It goes without saying that filing for divorce is an emotionally trying event.

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Some may even take part in the growing trend of digitally spying on spouses or ex-spouses, which has grown more frequent as technology has developed and helped to facilitate online monitoring of every kind. The issue of spouse-on-spouse spying was recently a topic in an interesting article for National Public Radio. In the story, a former wife was worried that her ex-husband was stalking her, based on his detailed knowledge of her exact whereabouts at any given time.

He also had the details of private conversations she had with her close friends via text message. When the wife took the car to the mechanic for a routine check-up, she asked him to look for a GPS device. The mechanic found a GPS device hidden in one of the wheel wells. The situation is not unique: lawyers and judges in divorce court are constantly dealing with evidence that was obtained through spying or stalking. According to the Department of Justice , 14 out of every 1, persons over the age of 18 in the U. This figure jumps to 34 out of 1, when the victim is divorced or separated.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, divorce often encourages digital spying. In Massachusetts, when a judge has to decide an alimony issue, he or she is only allowed to consider the factors set forth in M. When this detective work is done by an attorney, using legal methods, it is called discovery.

Can he legally obtain my cell phone records and bills?

When spouses take the law into their own hands, illegal eavesdropping is often the result. The incentives for spying are clear. Marital misconduct can affect how much, or even whether, alimony gets awarded. The disincentives for spying are often murkier. As discussed below, illegal eavesdropping by private citizens is a felony in Massachusetts.

How can you Subpoena Records

However, the crime often becomes harder to prove when spouses who live together have shared their digital lives over a lengthy period of time. Or, like the wife in the NPR story , police may be hesitant to prosecute when the spying mechanism involves jointly owned property, like a family car or computer. Americans understand that government agencies like the NSA and FBI have vast forensic resources that allow agents to sift through mountains of digital data. What is less understood is how limited the training and resources are for many local law enforcement agencies attempting to address digital crimes like identify theft, cyberbullying and online harassment.

Local police departments often lack the tools and personnel to investigate cyber-crime, much less prosecute cases. Good old-fashioned cell phone bills — which provide the date, time and phone numbers of all calls made, as well as the date and time of incoming and outgoing text messages — also add to the picture. Several factors contribute to vulnerability with cell phone bills.

Spouses often forget that his or her ex continues to receive the cell phone bill — and all of the usage data for phones under the plan — for as long as that spouse pays for the bill. Of course, the data is still available in digital form. Finally, encrypted messaging apps, such as iMessage and WhatsApp have contributed to a false sense of security with respect to cell phone billing records. Messages exchanged on iMessage or WhatsApp typically do not appear in cell phone billing records, causing users to assume their communications are private. However, few users recognize how many traditional text messages they actually exchange each month outside of these applications.

requesting cell phone records in divorce

For many wireless carriers, the dates, times and phone number of all traditional text messages appear on the billing statement. Ironically, some of the most common digital spying tools were designed to help parents track the online activities of their children and teenagers in an increasingly complex online world. Companies like childguard.

In addition to protecting kids and teens, many employers now deploy sophisticated tracking software to monitor how employees are using computers and the internet. While using keylogging and other digital monitoring platforms to monitor children and employees is generally legal , few states or courts have defined the privacy rights of these groups, where the expectation of privacy for children vis a vi their parents and employees vis a vi their employers are lower than those of private adults.