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Vital records births, deaths, marriages, and divorces mark the milestones of our lives and are the framework of genealogy and family history research. Florida Department of Health, issues, documents, and stores certified copies of vital records including birth, marriage, divorce death certificates for occurrences that took place in Florida.

Marriage records from June of onward can also be found there. Researchers should note that birth records that are less than years old can not be accessed by the public. Researchers interested in information on records at the Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics should visit their website or submit request forms by mail. Local county health departments also hold copies of death and birth certificates.

Researchers should contact the appropriate county offices to inquire about those records. County courthouses hold records of marriages, annulments, and divorces. Visit their websites or call to inquire about information. Many libraries across Florida, as well as across the country, have microfiche records of deaths and marriages on file. Although the Office of Vital Statistics holds some birth records from to , official birth registration was not a requirement until Certain records that are not held on the state level may be available at county health department offices. However, anyone inquiring about those records must be over 18 and be the person listed on the certificate, have a court order to view the certificate, or be the legal representative, guardian, or parent of the person listed on the certificate.

In some cases, people may bot have had an original birth certificate. So, some birth records were filed several years after a person was born. The Florida State Archives holds those delayed birth certificate records for 14 of the counties in the state. County health departments also have several of those records on file. Most delayed birth records were registered in or after Most Florida death records are from onward.

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Even then, records were not recorded consistently. Some records, have been deposited in historical societies and libraries. Augustine from the St. Augustine Health Department. Anyone who can pay the small fee can obtain death records.

However, the sections on cause of death are not available to the public until the record is at least 50 years old. The Office of Vital Statistics holds marriage, annulment, and divorce records that were filed from June 6, onward. The county clerk of the courts in the county of interest should be consulted for earlier records. As far back as the s, marriage records were recorded in some counties. The clerk of the courts at the county courthouse should be asked for marriage license application copies. Researchers must fill out standard forms to request that information.

Adoption records in Florida are sealed. The adoptee can obtain that information themselves after they reach the age of Contrary to popular belief, a background check is not a single service. It simply means accessing free public records, such as those in Pinellas County, to find out information about a person or a corporation. You could be looking for something specific, like whether that person was ever convicted for fraud, or something more general, like if that person is lying about something on their application.

Background checks all use public records, but not all public records will pertain to background checks. For instance, public records also include information related to any unclaimed property you might have in your name such as a safe deposit box you forgot about. In some situations, background checks may be required by law. In other cases, you simply need to know who or what you are dealing with. Employers need to know if a person is lying or has something on their record that might impact their ability to perform on the job. However, employers need to be very careful about what they search for and how they use that information.

Employers must comply with state and federal law regarding fair use of the public record and of background checks. One of the most important reasons to use free DIY background checks is to safeguard your business and prevent lawsuits related to non-FCRA compliant background checks.

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Third party background check services promise you information about a prospective employee, but are not always FCRA compliant. One the other hand, if the employee intends to work with vulnerable populations or with valuable or hazardous materials, then background checks may be required by law. Running a background check cannot tell you everything about a person but it will tell you what you need to know to make safe hiring decisions. For instance, if you are hiring a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, or home health aide, then running a background check should be something you automatically do.

How Can I Find …. Ultimately, this guide will be useful for helping you find free public records in Pinellas County. While some criminal records will not be located at the county level, a surprising number are. You are right to start searching Pinellas County records first, as opposed to going through state level resources that are in Tallahassee. You can also search arrest records in Pinellas County. To find out about things like misdemeanor or felony convictions, however, you would want to search Pinellas County court records.

Court records in Pinellas County are public records you can search for free. You can search the proceedings or court cases that take place in any jurisdiction.

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In Florida, as in other states, court records are public records you can access for free online. Reasons for searching court records include the need to build an appeal or to simply find out what happened during a case so that you are better informed about the situation. Court records you can search for free in Pinellas County include those related to civil cases and criminal cases.

You can also search for family law cases, which would pertain to such issues as divorce or probate law. Search court records for free in Pinellas County. Conducting a background check for a contractor, a tenant, or a prospective employee is easy and free when you do it yourself.

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While criminal history is an important part of any background check, you can also look for any other information you deem necessary or relevant for hiring. Just make sure your background check complies with state and federal laws. When you do a free background check, you customize the search. Instead of relying on a third party to decide what information matters to you, your free background check contains only the information relevant to your needs.

When you do a background check in Pinellas County, for example, you can look for things like a bad driving record or for felony convictions. Background checks done on a person in Pinellas County or even Florida-wide may not bring up any convictions or incidents that occurred outside of the state.

Therefore, always consider extending your search to other states where the person may have lived before. When you are hiring someone in charge of taking your kids to and from school, you need to first run a background check on that individual. Searching driving records in Pinellas County is easy.

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  6. From there, you can search for driving records and any crash related information that would be relevant to your hiring decisions. Driving record information is useful for employers of all types, but may be mandatory for commercial driving positions. Looking for a person—adult or child—who went missing?

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    If the person went missing in another Florida county or out of state, all you would need to do then would be to visit the appropriate law enforcement agency. Missing persons records might not be part of a background check but it is public records, available to search for free. In Pinellas County, convicted sex offenders must register with the government in the interests of public safety.

    This way, law enforcement can keep track of convicted sex offenders and so can you.