Apply for marriage certificate in pennsylvania

The Marriage Application and Duplicate are the most commonly requested documents for authentication by the Department of State. Marriage Documents are required for Foreign Adoptions, dual citizenship and registering marriages performed in USA in a foreign country.

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More About Marriage Licenses

This fee cannot be waived. If for any reason the marriage does not take place, there is no refund. Both applicants must be in the office no later than pm to apply for the license. BOTH applicants must appear together in the office to apply for the license. For more information please call the office at There is a three-day waiting period before the license is valid so application must be made at least three days but not more than 60 days before the marriage date. See chart below.

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License can be used in any county in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. A Social Security Number is required by state law if the applicant has one. It is not necessary to present the social security card as the number is confidential and not public record. If either applicant refuses to give their social security number, the application will be denied.

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Photo ID is required. We reserve the right to require any further identification as deemed necessary. If either applicant was previously married, the date of the most recent divorce, legal annulment, or death of previous spouse must be provided. Cash or Credit Card only. Custodial parent must appear with the applicants, show Identification and sign a consent to the marriage.

The applicants are then scheduled to appear before a Judge for the consent of the Court.

The application is not taken until after the Court Consent Order is signed by the Judge. Applicants are strongly recommended to call this office for further instructions. Print Requirements Requisitos para la licencia de matriomonio. For example, if marriage day is Saturday, the latest day to submit waiver request is Wednesday. An application will not be taken until the waiver is approved by the Judge.

Both parties should be prepared to return to apply some time after the request is submitted.

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Checks are not accepted. Requests are presented to the Judge only after the fee is paid.

Marriage Licenses

Active Duty Military personnel are not subject to this fee. Both applicants must sign the request. Check and see if there is a Satisfaction piece on file, we can make you a copy of the satisfaction piece. Yes, you can.

Marriage Licenses

You can either come into our office to check, you can call into the office and we can tell you over the phone or you can look it up on our website. A short certificate is issued when an estate has been opened naming an Executor or Administrator.

If no estate has been filed, we cannot issue one. We recommend that you seek the advice of an attorney.

Courthouse Marriage

There are guidelines set up for probate along with advertising and deadlines for filing reports. In order to transfer any property or bank accounts, you need to be sworn in as the Executor to sign for the estate. We need your social security number along with photo ID. If you were married before, we need the final decree of the divorce or the date of death.